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Miss Brown: Review of Medical Misdemeanours - 11/01/11 15:25

John Taylor Jennings

In the first minute or so of Medical Misdemeanours you could be forgiven for thinking you've mistakenly turned on an episode of Casualty or Holby City. It looks just like a Harley St surgery and if you were in the room you'd certainly trust Doctor Hampton (Marcus John) at first glance, but hang on a second or two, all is not as it seems. Outside in the corridor are two lovely young females in the shape of Miss Jayney played by the stunning Charley Sinclair and the flame haired English rose Ellen (Ellen May Davis). Instructing Ellen to wait outside like a naughty schoolgirl, Janey boldly enters the austere surgery and the fun and games begin.

One of the major differences between the Strictly Miss Brown films and other spanking movies is not only the awesome Miss Brown herself, but also the authentic locations that other movie makers seem to struggle to find. Medical Misdemeanours brilliantly captures the cold clinical atmosphere of a surgery and then integrates corporal punishment to bring a much welcome "colour" to proceedings with scenes as vivid as you're likely to see anywhere in spanking films.

Dr Hampton is the "villain" of the piece; first he shares a sly vodka with Jayney. "Bottoms up!" they say together in jest not realising just how ominous those words are to become. The Doctor smoothly coaxes the game Miss Jayney to slowly strip to reveal her gorgeous body in the skimpiest of underwear. Soon Jayney is bending over to have her bare cheeks reddened by the devilish Doc who spanks her until her bottom is a warm hue of deep pink.

The action gets hotter as the white palm prints of the Doc's palm start to appear on Jayney's tender cheeks when suddenly the plot thickens. There's a voyeur at large! Spying through gap in the surgery swing doors is Ellen. The cheeky college girl appears to want to discover the facts of life, an unfortunate curious streak that soon has her stripped by Jayney then given a routine medical by Dr Hampton before bending over for a firm spanking from the lucky Doctor. Both Dr Hampton and Jayney are worried that Ellen saw a little too much and as the Doc spanks her bottom red he warns her of the dangers of telling tales with each heavy handed smack.

Just as the excitement is gathering momentum the star of the show, Miss Brown enters in typical dramatic fashion. Dressed menacingly all in black, in a figure hugging outfit that boasts a low cut top showing her ample cleavage, her stiletto heels crack down on the tiled floor as she sweeps through the swing doors and catches Dr Hampton in the act. Jayney however is a step ahead and familiar with the sound of Miss Brown's killer heels, she makes a sharp exit before Miss Brown catches her in the act as well. It's a very neat move by Jayney, who no doubt is still feeling the effects of the caning Miss Brown gave her in the previous movie Revision.

"What in the hell is happening in here Dr Hampton?" Miss Brown demands giving him a glare that would send a shiver down the most hardened of spines. Doctor Hampton is lost for words almost paralyzed with fear. There's no hiding place, no escape, no explanation for his behaviour and there's no doubting Miss Brown's intentions. What follows is a classic sequence in corporal punishment movie history that all spanking/CP enthusiasts of all persuasions simply have to see.

Miss Brown excels in her domination of the Doctor, firstly in bringing him to the point of acceptance of his punishment and then she delivers with total aplomb. She starts with the heaviest lochgelly tawse imaginable, six times on each of the palms of his hands. Swinging the tawse with great gusto the action is complemented with superb camera angles to the point that you can almost feel each stinging blow coming right through the screen. Hard as the hand tawsing is, this is only the beginning as Miss Brown moves onto some of the more severe implements she has just discovered stashed in the Doctor's cupboard.

Soon Miss Brown is unbuckling the doctor's trouser belt and has him bent over an operating chair with his trousers at his ankles. Ellen the college girl stands witnessing Miss Brown leathering the doctor's backside with a thick "prison" strap. After five strokes the Doctor has forgotten to count, so Miss Brown starts again and gives him another twelve knee trembling whacks. For most this would suffice, but Miss Brown realises the gravity of the situation and is aware of the Doctor's high threshold. The formidable Miss Brown then asks Ellen to hand her the cane. Miss Brown tests it, swishing it through the air and the sharp whipping sound reverberates around the high ceilings of the surgery. Twelve hard measured strokes follow and then a rapid whippy six that leave the unfortunate Doctor's bottom red raw. It's the kind of caning for which Miss Brown has become a legend in the corporal punishment/spanking scene and this caning scene has to rank with her best ever performances. The disgraced Doctor soon departs, his bottom bruised and blazing. Miss Brown turns her attention on red haired Ellen who has watched the Doctor get his harsh come-uppance with great reluctance and is naturally terrified she may be next.

Though Miss Brown understands that Ellen was in fact the victim of the Dr Hampton's spanking hands, she also gives her a dressing down for her own misbehaviour. "I am more than a little disappointed" Miss Brown stresses as she probes and presses Ellen for more information as to who in fact took her to her medical in the first place.

With Dr Hampton's and Miss Jayney's stern warnings of punishment still ringing in her ears, Ellen doesn't want to reveal that Miss Jayney is also a guilty party. Miss Brown does not accept Ellen is being entirely truthful and in fact suspects Miss Jayney is at the heart of the whole scenario. Soon Ellen discovers that Miss Brown is not just a woman of words. Within a few minutes of interrogation it is clear Ellen's denials and cover up can mean only outcome she has to get a taste of Miss Brown's discipline.

Naked, her pale smooth skin exposed, Ellen is perched on the surgery chair her bottom cheeks taut and ready for Miss Brown's wrath. The thick leather paddle wallops her cheeks soundly twelve times and Ellen's soon crying and yelping in pain. Following the pounding from the stinging paddle, Miss Brown then switches to her long whippy cane and it's not long before some crimson stripes start rising from young Ellen's pink bottom.

As Miss Brown lays the cane strokes on with great accuracy, power and precision, Ellen crying, breathless, her bottom roasted and covered in hot weals, eventually submits. She can take no more and mutters "It was Miss Jayney" and Miss Brown's suspicions are proved correct.

The punishment of Ellen ceases and Miss Brown explains to the tearful girl why honesty is the best policy. As the Beethoven soundtrack and credits roll one can't help but feel Miss Jayney has got out of this one scot-free and Miss Brown must surely have justice for Jayney on her mind. It dangles the tempting delight of a sequel that will see Miss Jayney get what she deserves.

And so ends 55 minutes of CP heaven - an authentic location (it was actually filmed in Harley St), some superb multi-angle camerawork, three bottoms on display, a good plot and the magnificence of Miss Brown at the peak of her powers.
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Porter Sorter Jan 2011


A short review of a breath taking movie.

Set in the surgery of a depraved disreputable and alcohol fuelled doctor, Medical Misdemeanours allows Miss Brown to give her most sensational and imposing performance to date. Her authority oozes through like never before as she dishes out discipline that teaches the pickled practitioner a lesson he will never forget!

A wonderful hand tawsing with Miss Brown ordering the doc to "look at me."
Golly she is scary but oh so beautiful, sensual and strict. And then its the cane - 12 strokes delivered with fearsome ferocity, followed by more strokes delivered swiftly and with the order "you don't have to count these."

And how wonderful to see Ellen May Davis meet Miss Brown, or more correctly her cane in Medical Misdemeanours. Her petite posterior proudly positioned receives stroke after hard stroke until she tells Miss Brown the truth ......... and that is after Miss Brown has started her discipline with a perfectly shaped leather paddle for Ellen's bottom. "It would have been so much easier Ellen if you had simply told me the truth."

Beautifully shot and presented Medical Misdemeanours is the best yet in Miss Brown's classic CP movies showcase. Well done to all involved.

Ellen May Davis  18/02/11  ITC

What a wonderful review- I'm flattered! Although you did get my initials wrong...revenge for once calling you Porter Snorter perhaps?

Medical Misdemeanors was so much fun to shoot. Miss Brown is undoubtedly a legend but her reputation still doesn't do her justice. Such a lovely person out of character; she is positively terrifying 'in role'!

Her skill with a cane is something truly beautiful to witness but even better to receive. When we shot the caning sequence the idea was that I would 'tell the truth' at a dozen strokes. I was having such a wonderful time that they were eventually forced to cut and remind me that I had 'lines'! She canes with a pacing and intensity that is just irresitable!

This is an unusual CP film. There's an attention to detail that one doesn't often encounter and I hope that comes across. It was also incredibly hot to shoot and that must make for a great film?!?

SwishSwitch  20/02/11  ITC

I must endorse what Ellen has written. I was lucky enough to play the Doctor. I have been something of a champion of Miss Brown, as I expect you readers have noticed over the last couple of years. In Medical Misdemeanours there is a performance from Miss Brown that ranks up there with the best she has ever given. Indeed I think it is a classic from this living legend. The chemistry on the day was wonderful between all the players.
After I had done my bit I found myself outside the room at the point that Ellen was going to receive hers. I was beside myself at the thought of missing the scene and tried to peep through the frosted glass. Fortunately my face was in camera shot and proceedings were halted to allow me back in; delivering me from being a peeping Tom into the blissful position of being just behind the camera. What I then saw will stay with me for the rest of my life; and I would happily go tomorrow if need be. Ellen is the most consumate sub I have ever seen. So obviously loves the cane and took 18 strokes which were full force. The natural actress in her elicited the required sobs, grunts and groans but when you watch the film you will see that the way she bucks and thrusts and rides out the strokes with her legs in stirrups, it is like a Champion riding a Winner.
I do hope you all see this movie and if it is within your realm of possibilities, come to a Miss Brown party and see for yourself just what a lovely and charming women, the person is, who plays the fierceome Miss Brown.

British Spanking

Miss Brown's 'Medical Misdemeanours' - 18-03-2011

The English Master

'Medical Misdemeanours' (UK 2011) Princesse Media Ltd
Starring Miss Brown, Ellen May Davies, Charlie Sinclaire, Marcus John

The latest in the new series of Miss Brown films is another scorcher - and not just for us: the main characters get well thrashed by the UK's leading doyenne of strap and cane deployment.
Set in the consulting room of the distinctly shady Dr Hampton (played by Marcus John), first we meet the delectable Miss Janie (Charlie Sinclaire, as seen in 'Revision') once again. She is in cahoots with the lecherous Doctor, bringing him innocents from Miss Brown's school under the pretext that they must have their school 'medical examination'. You can guess which part of their anatomy comes in for the closest of physical exams!
To the soundtrack of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, the bad Doctor is first seen smoking and sipping vodka before Miss Janie joins him for a mild hand spanking.
"Hm! Circulation's pretty good," he remarks knowledgably as he admires the red handprints he's left on her buttocks. The unwitting victim, schoolgirl Ellen (Ellen May Davies), makes the mistake at this point of peeking through the doors. She is summoned and obliged to strip for her 'medical'. Her suspicions are only partly allayed by Miss Janie's, "He's a great doctor! Aren't you?" to which Dr H replies, "Indeed, Janie, yes." He proceeds to 'listen' to Ellen's delightful breasts with his stethoscope round his neck rather than in his ears.
Dr H's smarmily reassuring voice turns more threatening as he and Janie decide that young Ellen needs a painful warning not to reveal what she saw them getting up to. The doctor spanks her, once again leaving distinct finger-marks on her white cheeks.
It is at this point that Miss Brown appears, imperious as ever, enunciating with terrifying clarity, "What ...the hell going on here?" Janie disappears rapidly, Ellen is instructed to dress and wait outside, and the doctor is given a lengthy and extremely embarrassing dressing-down. His attempts to remain dignified whilst squirming under her onslaught of withering sarcasm and scepticism are skilfully portrayed, giving him the air of a gentleman crook caught red-handed. As she points out, he has NOTHING to say, except a sheepish, "Oh dear!" when she announces that she knows "exactly how to deal with someone like you."
She gives him six on each hand with a tawse, followed by two dozen on the bare with a strap. Ellen looks on, wincing all the while. He then receives twelve hard strokes of Miss Brown's cane, followed by six more delivered very quickly. He bears them all stoically and is instructed to make himself "respectable, if that's possible".
"I won't be so lenient next time," she warns him!
Ellen is then interrogated, and bravely denies that anyone else was involved, though it's clear Miss Brown knows the truth. Ellen strips again and kneels on the large leather whipping chair where she gets a dozen with the strap. Miss Brown gives her several opportunities to tell the truth but it is only after enduring (with obvious difficulty) an eye-watering eighteen strokes of the cane that Ellen finally cracks and gives up Miss Janie. The shots of Ellen's pained face, and her gasps and cries, make this truly a caning to remember.
The film closes with Miss Brown flexing the instrument of her profession behind her back as she surveys the damage to Ellen's bottom and the Moonlight Sonata rises again, hauntingly.
Superbly shot as usual, with some subtle moments of black and white interspersed with the otherwise colour production, music and camera angles combine to make this another major hit from the Princesse Media stable. Miss Brown is flawless, her impeccable delivery (of both lines and strokes!) commanding and exact throughout. Ellen May Davies plays the schoolgirl expertly, shivering and grimacing with (probably unfeigned) realism and is a true star under the cane. Charlie Sinclaire again oozes sensual naughtiness, whilst Marcus John plays the doctor to perfection, moving from smarmy lechery to squirming embarrassment with great aplomb.
Miss it at your peril!