Over the past 40 years I have been fortunate to visit a good many ladies to engage in corporal punishment ‘play’ – and there are some wonderful Dommes in the UK and abroad to whom I am most grateful. And then, at the top of the tree, there is Miss Brown! I have been seeing her regularly for 2 years, and from that very first meeting I knew that she is someone very special. ‘Striking’ is such an apt adjective to describe Miss Brown – in more senses than one!

The mental connection, understanding each other’s ‘headspace’, is a crucial part of all BDSM/CP play. It takes time to build that connection but no-one has ever understood my headspace as quickly or as thoroughly as Miss Brown. It helped that we both list the cane as our first love within CP (thus the very first play we engaged in was a cold caning!) but that was just fortune smiling on us. What I have learnt is that she has the most amazing powers of perception and understanding. She also truly cares, and takes time to talk, discuss, and listen in order to provide the best possible session for all levels of players, combining client needs with her considerable experience, skill and creativity. I love it that I never quite know what is coming next, a sure-fire recipe for ensuring that she remains in full control of the activity. When you are with her you cannot fail to recognise how much she enjoys and takes pride in her work, and mutual enjoyment is such a vital element of successful play sessions.

Is there such a thing as the perfect Headmistress? In all honesty I’d have said ‘no’ – until I met Miss Brown. Those piercing eyes, that look of disapproval, that sharp tongue berating you for your failings, the clear commands delivered in a tone of voice that is seductively irresistible, give her a ‘presence’ that is hard to describe but impossible to ignore. Somehow she embodies all the attitudes I remember from my schooldays in the 1950/60’s, but combined with her stunning beauty and aura of calm, elegant authority it’s an intoxicating, spell-binding mix. Her prowess with the cane is legendary, power and accuracy combining to create an array of picturesque welts to be worn with pride, but don’t underestimate her use of other implements. She gives a superb hard hand-spanking, loves using her straps and tawses, and has a full collection of ‘toys’ to ensure that all naughty boys and girls receive their just desserts.

However, I cannot end this testimonial there, for what makes her so special is that she is a genuinely lovely person. The strict Headmistress is also a warm, caring, friendly person who takes a thoughtful interest in her boys and girls, not just as clients but as people. I am proud to know her as a friend as well as my wonderful Headmistress, and regard my visits to her as some of the brightest highlights in my calendar. To anyone reading this who is into CP and school-based play but has never visited her I can only say – you’re missing out big time! However, don’t all rush at once – I need some space left in her diary for my future visits!

Andrew Lines

August 2017

Caning is my favourite activity and over the years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing some of the finest exponents of the art. Strictly Ms Brown is simply the best caner I have ever come across. She is superb at role play and canes as hard as I can manage whilst being always accurate. I will sometimes wish to push things too far but she always able to judge when is enough is enough. She is also extremely reliable and professional in terms of her flexibility in arranging sessions. She is very personable before and after a session and gorgeous too. I cannot recommend her too highly!


August 2017

My journey to Miss Brown’s door was a long one. More than 25 years long, in fact, dating the start back to when my teenage curiosity about corporal punishment became a yearning to experience it for real. During my young adulthood, I assumed that I was alone in my fantasies. I was unaware of the thriving scene being enjoyed by people just like me — and even when the internet eventually opened up this world to me, I was intrigued and delighted to be an onlooker, but far from brave enough seriously to consider getting involved.

Fast forward to my early forties and I was still just as fascinated, and even hungrier to fulfil my fantasies. I discovered Miss Brown during one of my speculative trawls through Twitter and knew in very short order that I had finally found someone who might ‘get’ me. Even then, it was months before I reached out. When I did, it was unplanned. On impulse, I wrote an email introducing myself and asking for more information. The moment I clicked send, I felt that I had crossed a bridge in my life. I was thrilled, even though I didn’t know what would happen next. The very next morning, I received a short, warm and encouraging email from Miss Brown, and suddenly she was real to me. Her message included her phone number, and gave me the confidence to take things further. Exchanging a couple more brief emails, we agreed to speak by phone during the coming weekend.

Making the call was undoubtedly the most nerve-wracking step to take. I put it off, repeatedly, when the agreed time period came. Finally, I sat on the floor and dialled the number I had been given. I was shaking with adrenaline. Miss Brown answered, and her wonderfully honeyed tone immediately reassured me. All the same, I found it difficult to begin. I apologised, telling Miss Brown that I had never before spoken aloud about my interest in corporal punishment. She was understanding and reassuring, telling me that she frequently spoke to people in just the same position. Gently, she coaxed words from me. I explained that I wanted to be punished, but I didn’t know exactly how, or how much. After that, I relaxed a little. We chatted and laughed. Then she gave me the information I needed: how a private appointment works, what I could expect. At the end of the conversation, which lasted for about ten minutes altogether, it was left with me to think about the possibility of booking an appointment.

I booked the appointment, by email, less than an hour later. I had less than a week to wait. That week was filled with some nerves, but also delicious anticipation. What would it be like? What would she be like, in person? Would I enjoy it?

When the day arrived, I left my desk at work at lunchtime and took the tube to the address I’d been given. I made sure I was on time, but not too early in case I had to hang around and lost my nerve. As it was, I rang the building entry bell without hesitating and the next thing I knew, I was inside and being greeted warmly. I was directed in to the sitting room and we sat down for a chat. In person, Miss Brown was even lovelier than she had sounded on the phone. She put me at my ease and encouraged me to open up a little more than I had during our first conversation. Her assured manner and evident depth of experience filled me with confidence. “Now comes the difficult bit” she said, eventually, and asked me to be specific about my desires and what I wanted from our time together. Feeling so safe, I found it surprisingly easy to express what I would like, helped by some clarifying questions and well-judged prompts. We agreed the role play scenario and discussed possible implements to be used. I didn’t want any marks that would last more than a few hours and I didn’t want to experience the cane, and there was no pressure on that front. Then Miss Brown asked me if I was ready and I laughed. I’d been ready for so long. “Let’s do it”, I said.

Then I was alone in the hall, slipping easily and eagerly into character, taking a few deep breaths as I faced the study door. I raised my hand, and knocked. “Come in” came the call. I turned the door handle, pushed… and my journey to Miss Brown’s door was complete. A new journey was beginning.

I would not hesitate to recommend Miss Brown to anyone who is looking for a first experience of corporal punishment. You really could not put yourself in better hands.


September 2017

Reading the testimonials of those who got there before me, it would be easy simply to say that, “I agree with all of the above”.  To do so would not, however, do justice to Miss Brown or to the relationship I feel I have forged with her.

I came to Miss Brown’s study as a relatively experienced player who, because of a change in personal circumstances, suddenly found himself without an outlet for cravings that had their origins in the grammar school discipline of the 1960s.  When these needs became irresistible, I decided to turn to professional help.  After two less than successful forays into this new world, I found my way to Miss Brown.

I have a particular appetite for the cane and it was Miss Brown’s reputation with this implement, and the evidence of her prowess provided by some of her films, that led me to her door.  Even so, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to contact her.  When I did so, as others have said, I was met by a warmth and understanding that made me feel immediately at home.  She listened carefully to what I told her and seemed immediately to understand what was driving me.  Even now, more that two years on, she surprises me by recalling things I told her in that first meeting.

Her skills are so many and varied that it would take forever just to list them.  It is, above all else, her ability to “read” me that marks her out.  My particular need is for genuine punishment.  I need it to hurt and to push me to the point (and beyond) at which I really don’t think I can take any more.  The problem is that, while it’s easy to say this from the safe distance of an email or phone call, the reality of actually being in the study – with one’s gaze drawn irresistibly to the urn of canes – is rather different.  At this point I am always tempted to prevaricate and to become hesitant.  Miss Brown listens patiently with her customary grace and charm before gently persuading me to “go and get ready”.  I change into my school uniform, or punishment shorts, before taking a deep breath and knocking on the study door.

From the moment she utters the fateful words, “Come in”, Miss Brown is transformed into the disciplinarian who will brook no nonsense.  And I become the ill-disciplined, smutty schoolboy that I never really was in real life.  She has the ability to make me feel ashamed and guilty about my imaginary misdemeanours.  I am often trembling by the time my buttocks are bared and I am ordered over the desk.  Indeed, I almost feel relief at escaping her piercing gaze and scathing dressing down. The relief is short lived.

Miss Brown canes me hard and accurately, and it hurts – a lot.  She understands exactly what I need even if, by this point, I am wondering what possessed me to volunteer for what is being done to my bottom.  And, of course, she delivers.  A genuine, remorseless thrashing that leaves me welted, bruised and sore.

Then suddenly it’s all over and Miss Brown is once more the smiling, gentle, beautiful charmer who, an hour or so earlier, persuaded me to place my backside at her disposal.  Thank you Miss, for allowing me to join your happy band of miscreants – and for being such a lovely person.

Mark B

October 2017

To anyone who remembers the classic Red Stripe films, Miss Brown needs no introduction. As the stern headmistress, laying on the stripes with her trusty cane, she has no equal – it is a part she was born to play. Against that backdrop, meeting the lady herself, and being on the receiving end of her skills – both thespian and cane-wielding – is a privilege akin to meeting a much-loved movie star in the flesh.

I have had upwards of half a dozen sessions with her in the last few years, none of them less than utterly memorable. I am an aficionado of the cane, and have been caned by scores of women over the years, but none has hit the spot so consistently as the inimitable Miss Brown! What makes her so special? Well, in the first case, the clinical accuracy of her caning. You know that you will leave her study with an immaculately striped bottom and that, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, you will (if you wish) have a lasting visual reminder of the occasion – the ultimate souvenir. Equally important is her prowess at role play. I am one of those spanking enthusiasts who loves making up some suitably painful scenario and then playing it out. Whether I have been an overly-curious journalist taught a lesson for his prurience, a male teacher caught spying on a female student’s punishment, or a slovenly lady secretary, Miss Brown has immediately ‘got’ the scenario I have suggested in a way that has enabled us both to go straight into role and and act it out with gusto and panache. It is a rare skill, which very few others possess to the same degree.

Last but not least, she is tremendous fun out of role, always happy to chat, with an infectious laugh, interesting perspectives to share and, of course, ridiculously sexy in an understated way. I can hardly recommend her highly enough.


October 2017

When I considered contacting Miss Brown, I was sure that she would exceed my limits, both physically and financially. However, I took the plunge, and how glad am I that I did.

Her tribute is very reasonable, but more importantly, Miss Brown is worth every penny and more. From the moment I initially emailed to the subsequent phone call, I was met with nothing but courtesy and a total understanding of my requirements.

I like role play, can be cheeky and was delighted that Miss Brown easily adapted to my scenario’s. She is highly intelligent, articulate, very attractive and importantly has a great sense of humour, whilst being very strict when she has to.

Oh and yes, can she spank. Hand, brush, straps, tawse and cane- all were wielded with accuracy and a degree of severity whilst always respecting limits. I have left her easily located flat with a happy smile and a warm glow. 

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced scene player, go and see Miss Brown. She is the best.


November 2017

There are many parts to the anxiety of meeting a headmistress for the first time, over and above the punishment you deserve to receive but dread.

In Miss Brown you will find nothing to fear and a great deal to enjoy – until you are summoned into her study. The theatre of her setting is perfect for the purpose. She is beautiful, charming and very proper in her arrangements. There are no nasty surprises when you arrive and none emerge later. She is easy to talk to about the experience you are ready for and will prepare the scenario as you agree. When all is settled between you the meeting will move to the next stage.

It is once you knock on the door of her study and she has uttered the words “come in!” that the magic takes off. I reported to many mistresses over the years and have always previously come away at least a bit disappointed by their role playing. With Miss Brown this does not apply – she is utterly authentic, impressive and powerful.

What is to be feared when you enter is just the one thing that brought you there. When the interview moves to the words “bend over!” the submission is total and the exercise of her left arm is perfectly aimed and applied. The chastisement will be as hard or not as you have agreed, more years of experience than her gentle face would suggest have given her the ability to judge and apply her punishment at the level she judges you deserve without exceeding your limit.

Miss Brown is at the top of the league and will not leave you in any doubt that you have failed to match her requirements. When she has marked her displeasure on you the cup of tea and conversation that follow will send you out with a spring in your step – and a very red bottom.

Robert Storrs

April 2018

Dear Miss Brown,

Thank you so much for our session on Monday evening. Still a bit sore as I write this!

I would particularly like to thank you for your patience and flexibility that enabled us to come together. This was very much appreciated and allowed me to fulfil a long time ambition to session with the legendary Miss Brown.

It was many years ago in the Janus shop that I came across a video with a striking headmistress and schoolgirls on its cover, two of my favourite interests. As the haunting Red Stripe tune finished, one then enjoyed the spectacle of Miss Brown chastising schoolgirls. It was the start of a collection of Red Stripe Miss Brown videos and many an enjoyable time watching the girls being spanked, strapped and caned.

Red Stripe was followed by Miss Marchmont. Jailed, Stripped, Striped with Mistress Sidonia, a classic. Those famous words “I think we will have some fast ones”. Loved the later one, That’ll Teach Em.

I remember the occasional advert on ITC when you were in France and you were visiting the UK. Alas one could never coincide with your schedule. It was great when you returned to the UK. Your Brief Encounter clips and the Punishment Club with Miss Hastings were welcome opportunities to see you in action again.

Then Twitter! One could now follow your adventures at the Fitzrovia Academy with the occasional Judicial thrown in.

Then finally we were able to get together, thank you so much.

The session was excellent. The trepidation of visiting the Headmistress was very much in my mind having not had a session for a while. The role play was first class and the punishment fitted perfectly. Being over your knee was great, it is a long time since I have had such a good spanking. With the strapping of the hands and the gym shoe, it introduced a harshness that had me shaking a bit. I did not know what would happen next, so this heightened the tension.

And then the cane and the famous Miss Brown line, before the last six “no need to count these ones” – harsh and memorable.

The effective dynamics of the first meeting with a Disciplinarian is the ability to form a mutual trust with the first few minutes of meeting some one. It is a special relationship to form in a short time to allow someone to inflict a beating. One felt safe in your charge.

It was so kind of you to take the photographs and forward them on to me and thank you for allowing me to take some myself.

I really enjoyed our chat afterwards. I do find Corporal Punishment a fascinating subject and particularly real-life accounts. Undoubtedly harsh and brutal at times. Hand tawsing is one practice that comes to mind, an unfortunate experience for some, but still fascinating.

Jonathan Storey

June 2018

Many years ago I was recommended a DVD while at the Janus shop. Miss Brown featured as the Headmistress in ‘That’ll Teach Em’, dealing with three students who each received an impressive caning after other punishments. As an occasional ‘student’ I have visited several Headmistresses to be punished, and had a regular arrangement in a switch situation for a number of years. When my switch mistress retired, Miss Brown was recommended as the Headmistress to see. 

Following Miss Brown’s website and Twitter made me realise that I had to make contact; so on return from an overseas assignment, I did just that. Within three days we had exchanged emails and had a phone conversation to set a date and time.

On the day, following instructions, I found the apartment easily and was invited in. We had a relaxed chat so we would know more about each other, as well as my experience and expectations for the session. I had prepared a letter outlining my truancy from school the previous day. The scene was set and I knocked on the study door.

On entering, the Headmistress was sat at her desk with my letter in front of her. I was told to stand still in front of the desk, hands at my sides. Miss Brown read the letter to me and gave a stern, matter-of-fact telling off in a measured voice; clearly enough to trouble a carpeted schoolboy. The punishment book was opened and my name entered along with the offence. I was then told that I was to receive twelve strokes of the cane, and to lower my trousers and pants. While doing this, Miss Brown selected the cane she would use, testing two before settling on a crook-handled school cane. The next order was to bend across the desk.

Then followed twelve hard, painful, measured strokes, making me yelp as several strokes landed in a particularly sensitive area. This was certainly a genuine school caning intended to be painful as requested. After the twelve strokes I was told to stand and turn to face the Headmistress with one hand outstretched. Three strokes of the strap were administered to each hand.

While pulling up my pants and trousers, the Headmistress completed her entry in the punishment book with the number of strokes given and her signature to confirm that the punishment had been administered. I was then dismissed.

Then it was back to our real selves for a coffee and longer chat. The time went by all too quickly and I am already thinking about the scenario for my next visit. Miss Brown is a lovely person who tailored the session to my needs. In role she is a real Headmistress, outside of role a most pleasant, understanding and caring person.

My thanks for this first session and I will be back in the near future.


July 2018

Miss Brown

The definition of a lady
captured so eloquently in name alone.
Standing tall and firm in her white blouse,
displaying her glorious cleavage, figure hugging skirt,
and her fine legs encased in fine black stockings,
is a sight to treasure.
Her firm commands,
most beautifully commanded in the finest use of the English laguage
are enough to make you quiver.
The way she demonstrates her affection for the bare bottom
by making it dance
is a feeing not quite yet matched
by any other.
To take a bare bottom tanning
from this legendary English rose
is simply Heaven on Earth.


August 2018

Miss Brown has a well-deserved reputation for severity, particularly when wielding the cane, and, as I made clear in a previous testimonial, it was this that initially drew me to make contact with her. So it is that, in the last few years, I have received some very hard thrashings at her hands.

However, Miss Brown would be the first to recognise that not everyone seeks the same level of punishment and that, moreover, each person’s tolerance level can vary with both mood and circumstance. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to relate my most recent experience at the hands of our fabulous Headmistress.

For reasons that need not detain us, I needed on this occasion to be free of all residual marking within four weeks, something I cannot always guarantee after a session with Miss Brown’s senior dragon cane. These circumstances were discussed between us in advance and, at the appointed time, I reported to the Headmistress’s study.

Any hopes I might have entertained of getting off lightly were quickly extinguished when she met me at the door to her premises, directed me to change into my PE kit in the bathroom and wait outside her study door until she was ready. The wait was characteristically nerve-wracking as I stood, heart pounding, knowing that, at any moment, the door would open and my punishment commence.

What followed was a truly epic session. The cane featured briefly but the centrepiece was a ferocious paddling, with a variety of wooden paddles, that just went on and on. This was augmented by a lengthy hand spanking, a good dose of the hairbrush and an eye-watering hand strapping. The pictures Miss Brown took of my bottom afterwards confirmed that the visual spectacle was as impressive as the throbbing furnace detected by my nerve endings. The journey home on hard public transport seats was quite a challenge.

The main purpose of this account, however, is to celebrate Miss Brown’s capacity to judge a session to perfection. She knew instinctively that, despite my concerns about enduring marking, I would be disappointed if my punishment were not sufficiently challenging. So I got the kind of whacking she knew I needed. Nevertheless, all traces of the session were gone within the timescale we had agreed.

Thank you, Miss Brown. You are a magician!

Mark B

August 2018