Thank you for all the lovely messages in response to my recent blog. I am well aware how much everyone needs something to look forward to. To this end, I am now taking bookings and scheduling appointments from 6th July. Should the situation change, appointments will be rescheduled for later dates with priority given in order of original date of booking… so email me at to book early and secure your place.

CP is, of course, all about human connection and interaction, so I have been contemplating what “strict but safe control” looks like in our changed world. Needless to say, I guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and expect the same from others. Trust, mutual understanding and open communication will be more important than ever to ensure successful, relaxed and enjoyable experiences — on both sides. I will be happy to discuss any concerns or particular requests that anyone may have in advance of our time together.

Given the sentiments I expressed last time I wrote, you will not be surprised to know that I am delighted and genuinely excited to be making this announcement. I love what I do and I have missed it. I cannot wait to welcome all who are planning to visit, whether we know one another well or this will be your very first experience. I know that lockdown has given many people the time and space to consider some of their deeper-seated needs, so if you are reading this as someone who is merely curious, please visit my sessions page to find out more.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Miss Brown